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The club are well aware off the worrying & uncertain times that are ahead. We realise we cannot expect any member to pay their maximum fees so we hope we have the solution to suit both the club & our members.
This is an important time for the club each year, this is when we collect our fees to set us up , we know that’s not going to happen this year. What we want for our members is the minute the government/council give us the green light we can start our season, with that in mind what we have decided is you pay £50 before 5th April your handicap will stay with us, you are ready to play golf right away & if other places have opens before our competition’s start you are able to play in them. This will allow us to pay your Scottish golf fees & LGA fees at end of year & a little left over for the club.
If however you decide not to we would need to treat that as your resignation & release your handicap so we do not get a bill for your fees. Any questions do not hesitate to drop me an email or phone my mobile on 07970666793 if you have any questions.
The club can get through this with a little help.

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